Alfred Hartley Porter 1914-1941

Alfred was born in Barking, Essex on 6th July 1914, the youngest son of Henry Porter and Mary Ann Stone. He was my maternal grandfather‘s youngest brother.

He married Peggy May Bunn at the Elim Church, Barking on 30th July 1938.

During World War 2 he was a Gunner in the 4th Searchlight Regiment, Royal Artillery (service no. 1576978) and he died in Malta on 1st November 1941.  He was killed by a bomb in the early hours on 484 Searchlight Battery HQ, Naxxar.

" Saturday 1 November 1941

0132-0229 hrs

Four enemy bombers approached; three crossed coast and dropped bombs Lazaretto Creek, Manoel and Valletta. One Cant 1007 engaged by a Hurricane just before illumination by searchlights, burst into flames and was destroyed. One of crew reported to have baled out before attack. One Italian prisoner of war taken.

A direct hit was made on Manoel Island Ack Ack position killing five members of 7th Heavy Ack Ack Regiment, Royal Artillery: Bombadier George Sharples and gunners Philip Brown, James Connell, Beryl Crossland and Francis Hampton, Bombadier George Sharples.

484 Searchlight Battery HQ, Naxxar was also hit, with 2 wounded and 3 killed: L/Sergeant Frederick Shapley, Gunners William Bowen and Alfred Porter. Gunner James Watson died next day. All of 4th Searchlight Regiment, Royal Artillery.

0303-0427 hrs three bomber aircraft only one of which crossed coast and dropped bombs Castille area and Main Ditch, Valletta.

During the raids a large number of anti-personnel bombs were dropped. Civilian casualties 2 wounded, 4 killed: Caterina Agius, age 50, Edward Borg, age 16 and Paul Camilleri, age 14 in Valletta; Peter Bonett, age 52 in Marsa. "

Alfred is buried in the Pembroke Military Cemetery on Malta and I have visited twice – a beautiful place.

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