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John Bankes 1652-1719

John Bankes was the half brother of my 8 x Great Grandmother, Anne Rand.

The portrait  to the left shows John Bankes, Citizen & Haberdasher of London. The artist, whose identity is unknown, portrayed Bankes as a proud-looking, upright figure dressed in his best clothes.

It hangs in the new Haberdashers’ Hall. Over the past 250 years it had occupied a prominent space in the headquarters of the Haberdashers’ Company. However, the Company sold their headquarters building in the mid 1990s, and an ultra modern block of offices now stands on its former site in Staining Lane in the City of London. A new headquarters for the Company has been built in West Smithfield, and is now home to the portrait of my ancestor.

A fellow Bankes descendant, Geoff Culshaw has researched John Bankes' life story and has a comprehensive biography on his website.


John Bankes (1652 – 1720) is my 8th great grand uncle

> Hannah mother of John Bankes

> Anne Rand (1679 – 1733) daughter of Hannah

> Mary Deane (1711 – 1783) daughter of Anne Rand

> Mary Benrose (1749 – 1817) daughter of Mary Deane

> Ann E Yaxley (1778 – 1812) daughter of Mary Benrose

> Elizabeth Joynson Okell (1802 – 1879) daughter of Ann E Yaxley

> Louisa Fiveash (1823 – 1884) daughter of Elizabeth Joynson Okell

> Louisa Vousden (1849 – 1939) daughter of Louisa Fiveash

> Elizabeth Valder (1876 – 1970) daughter of Louisa Vousden

> Leonard Walter Bates (1908 – 1990) son of Elizabeth Valder (my paternal grandfather)

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