Peter Edward Slipper 1928-1957

Peter was my great uncle, a younger half-brother of my paternal grandmother, Daisy.

He was born in Essex to Albert and his second wife, Margaret, on the 18th October 1928.

He was living with his parents at 401 Stafford Road, Caterham, Surrey in 1939.

On 20th June 1953, Peter married Esme Silkstone at St Mark's Church, Woodcote, Surrey.

The couple moved in with Esme's mother, Elsie and lived at "Spes Bona", Great Woodcote Park, Purley, Surrey.

They moved to 12 Pen Way, Higham Lane, Tonbridge, Kent in 1957.

On the evening of the 4th December 1957, Peter was on his way home from London to Tonbridge on the train. There was dense fog in the London area and trains were running late. The 5:18 pm Charing Cross to Hayes, comprising electric multiple units totalling 10 cars and carrying nearly 1,500 passengers, stopped at a danger signal at Parks Bridge Junction on the South Eastern main line, under a bridge carrying rail tracks over the line. Trains were running out of order because of the fog and the Parks Bridge Junction signalman wished to speak to the driver by the telephone at the signal to confirm the train's identity and destination. At approximately 6:20 pm it was struck from behind by a train from Cannon Street to Ramsgate via Folkestone consisting of a steam locomotive hauling 11 coaches carrying about 700 passengers and travelling at about 30 miles per hour (48 km/h). The collision threw the tender and leading coach off the track, dislodging a pier of the bridge, causing it to fall and crush two coaches. Two minutes later a train due to pass over the bridge stopped short, although its leading coach was tilted.

There were 90 fatalities, including Peter Slipper.

Peter is buried in Caterham Cemetery with his father, Albert.

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